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Warning Over Turkey- Istanbul

God Said 2017

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I heard the Holy Spirit specifically tell me to pray for the nation of Turkey. I saw a serious of earthquakes leading up to a major earthquake. Differnet places and cities were involved but the most serious was  specifically the city of Istanbul.

As I prayed about it I had a vision of the city of Istanbul. I saw the ground starting to shake, as it did I saw the buildings shaking and the ground burst and it cracked.  The crack was so wide and severe that the city was torn into three distinct pieces. The Crack itself was so wide that I saw even great buildings fall into it and many people were killed and injured. There as some flooding in the city.

Please Pray For:

  • The lives of  people especially children to be saved
  • God’s mercy over this Nation and specifically the city of Istanbul
  • Salvation of the Lost people in the nation of Turkey

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