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A Fresh Breath Over Germany and a warning

God Said 2017

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I felt the Lord is breathing a fresh breath over the nation of Germany. Over the last years many movements came and went but I sensed God is bringing a fresh flow of His Spirit. It will not happen in just one place but it seemed to just break forth where His people were praising and following Him with pure hearts.

I saw many youth and young adults being impacted by what the Lord is doing. There will be many who will make a stand for Christ, and from this I see camps of thousand of these young people who seperate themselves to seek the Lord and pray.

I felt that God is calling His people in Germany to a place of trust and resting in Him. At the same time there will be a strong prophetic release which will bring hope to the hopeless as the heart of God is being made known to His people.

There has een a season where the Church of Jesus Christ was stagnant but there will be large numerical growth in the chuches that wil honor the Lord and cater for these groups.

I also had a warning from the Lord about a terror attack happening in a very important train station in one of the major German cities. It is an terror attack potentially injuring many people.

I felt that there will also with this be a very natural effect in that the nation will this year again prosper and recover strongly from the effects of the recesion.

Pray for:

  • God’s purpose in this fresh breathe of His Spirit to be established
  • The Salvation of the youth and young adults
  • Prophetic release of the Holy Spirit
  • The Church in Germany to grow and be refreshed and openess to the youth
  • The plans of the enemy to be thwarted in this impending teror attack.

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