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A Call To War In South Africa

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In the begining of the year the Lord gave me a very specific word for South Africa which at the time seemed a bit drastic but after recent events I believe it is important to share. The Lord said that an important figure in South African politics will die and this will cause a racial divide and tension, which if the church of God does not intercede will end in a bloody and serious national conflict. The implication was that the four months after the death of this political figure it would be of the utmost importance for the body of Jesus Christ to intercede and pray as this will be a crucial time in which the immediate future of South Africa will be determined. We know now that the political figure was Eugene Terblanche and we are sad about his horrible death. This said, no ensuing conflict will justify this horrible act. We also want to clearly state here that our loyalty and association lies with Jesus Christ and His church no matter what race or nationality.

God’s will.-In the book of John chapter 10 Jesus clearly gives us God’s will for sending Him to His people. That they should have life and have it more abundantly.(v.10) Also in this passage we He clearly makes plain the devils plan which is to steal, kill and destroy. Looking at this and many other portions we can clearly see that it is not God’s desire for the nation of South Africa to end in a civil war, which will not be an abundant life but a plot of satan to steal, kill and destroy. There has over the last couple of months been a serious build up of racial tension especially because of some of the statements made by the ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema, openly attacking and blatantly defying the rights of white people in South Africa. This, people is a scheme of satan to get us into a state of anger and resentment, causing racial tension that will only end in death. Please let us see the scheme of satan for what it is, South Africa has long stood as a Christian Nation in Africa, carrying the gospel to many other African nations. That is why satan is wanting to destroy it, this is a spiritual conflict, not a physical one. But we as God’s children, no matter from what race or tribe, has a solution for our nation.

While I was thinking and praying about this event and many others, I realized the God is calling us His body to make a difference in this world and we in South Africa in our Country. And He is calling us, His Church and body to start interceding for it. In the book of Ezekiel chapter 22 and verse 30 we see that God was looking for someone to stand in the gap for the land so that destruction would not happen. I believe that God is calling us to pray and intercede for our country. Pray that South African Christians will  shine for Jesus Christ, so that those who are lost can be saved, the nation can become a beacon of light to show forth the splendor of God to all other African Nations and the world!

According to John 10 we see that the purpose of the devil is to steal and kill and destroy and he will use any medium to do so. From evil men who willfully hurt others to nature catastrophe’s and even human negligence to get people from enterting the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Son of God. I do not claim that I am the only one who experience this or hear from God or that these revelations are complete in the sense of what is happening in the world,  but I believe that the Holy Spirit is speaking and we should listen and Pray for what He reveals. And the Lord had said that in the next four months it is very important that we intercede for our nation. This then is a call up to prayer. We see a great example of someone making a difference through prayer in Gen. 16, when God spoke to Abraham about the destruction of Sodom and Gomora.  Abraham interceded for these cities and we see that Abraham reasoned with God. God said if He would find fifty righteous He would not destroy them. In the end we see after Abraham’s intercession that God said if He would find five righteous people He would not destroy them, what an amazing effect Abraham’s prayer had!

James 5:16b:” The insitent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective” (HNV Translation). And so our prayers our powerfully and effective, even more than that of Abraham as we are In Christ! He is our Righteousness!

Has God found someone in you who will stand in the gap against the forces of darkness and for the light? Eph. 6:12

Emmanuel, God IS with us!

Let’s stand in the Gap for South Africa! All our friends from other nations reading this, we ask you to please also pray with us.

Lets then Pray for;

  • Our Government that God will raise up Godly leaders to lead our country in peace
  • Those whom satan is using to bring division and conflict, e.c. Juliua Malema, for true repentance and that they might find Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • The people of South Africa, to remain calm and not act in anger and flared up emotion causing further division, and that Jesus Christ will be Lord over South Africa! And shine His light all over the continent and world.
  • Please Continue to pray for the next for months specifically for peace in South Africa

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  1. nationalfastsa says:

    Amen brother, I’m with you on that!
    (Would the passing political figure not have been Mandela?)

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