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Major Earthquake In Indonesia And China

God Said 2017

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Some time ago the Lord spoke and showed an earthquake happening on the western coast of Indonesia which will read 7 ont the Richter scale, following it will be a small floodwave. This happenend the 7th of April when an earthquake of 7.8 on the Richterscale  struck of the coast of Indoinesia causing two small Tsunami’s resulting in minor damage.(See CNN or BBC news.) But in the vision this was only the warning of a major earthquake causing much damage and casuing a large loss of life. After which a huge Tsunami will strike the south western side of Indonesia causing havoc and killing hundreds with a devastating effect.It will even reach to the western Australian coast.

Please Pray for Indonesia;

  • The Disaster to be avoided
  • The people of Indonsesia- Salvation and preparation
  • Wisdom for the leaders of this nation to make the right protective decisions
  • Warning of the Tsunami to be received in time and be adhered to by those in positions of influence so that the people will be ready for it.

    I also saw a vision of a earthquake in China, I saw the ground cracking and bursting almost as if the earthquake struck a desert region. I saw school Children seriously injured and even some dead in streets where no building was left standing. In the vision I felt it is in western China. There seemed to be no roads left as the land moved and the roads were shifted, like a landslide. Many poeple were injured in the earthquake and I feared that many were dead, I had feeling that hundreds had died.

    Please Pray for China;

    • The Lives of people to be spared especially the children
    • The people of this area in China- Salvation and preparation
    • The People who are in leadership potitions to make wise and godly decisions which will spare people’s lives

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    1. This Warning was fulfilled 14 April 2010

      BBC NEWS: “Emergency teams have been pouring into western China’s Qinghai province, a day after a deadly earthquake devastated the mountainous region.

      Thousands of homeless and injured people await relief.Officials say 617 people died and 9,980 were injured when the tremor hit early on Wednesday – 313 remain missing.”


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