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Various Railway Accidents

God Said 2017

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I am constanty having visions and dreams of train accidents. In some instances the trains derail and in then there are specific crashes. The visions did not  show a single specific location but various ones, some which I recognised and others were totaly unknown to me. None of the trains also were the same. I believe that this means that there will be various railway accidents and crashes in various places that we will be hearing of. There was a specific accident which I saw happen in South Africa.

It looked like the train was coming from Cape Town to Pretoria, I saw it traveling  from south to north. It was not a normal class people carrying train. The train was like an old style restored train more for people traveling first class or that of a holiday train or the famous Blue Train. I saw the train completely derailed outside Pretoria with some trainwagons on top of others. I did not see many people die or being injured but this accident was still very serious and horrific. The people in this vision on the train did not look South African which made me think that it is a holiday train. I felt the cause of the accident was a lack of maintenance on the train itself.

Unlike the vision above, in some of these accidents in the visions the causes was very specific sabotage with the intent to murder and injure people. If this is from aterrorist group or not I do not know. If it is an co ordinated strike like with the Terror Attack on New York . Some of the locations was in the USA, one major train accident in China and anther in Europe. A Specific vision was of a railway accident caused by sabotage between two trains. The complexion of the people on board the train made me think of Indian people and I would then say it is in India that this horrible accident will happen. I felt that the dead in this accident will be in the mid sitxties to seventy people and even in the hundreds if this horrible act is not averted.

Pray for:

  • Lives to be Spared.
  • If negligence is involved that it will be picked up beforehand.
  • If it is due to terror attacks the perpetrators be caught beforehand.

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    BBC NEWS:” A landslide has derailed a train in north-eastern Italy, killing at least nine people and injuring about 30, Italian media say.”


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